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Our Services

Kalles Property Management believes in providing industry leading management services through a broad offering of services. A sample of some of the services we provide for our associations can be found below. To get more detailed information on our services, please follow the link to the left titled, “Request Information.”

Financial/Accounting Services

  • Prepare and mail all billing statements/coupon books to homeowners.
  • Coordinate with bank to update our systems with cash receipts on a daily basis.
  • Collect and deposit all payments and deposits made to our office on a daily basis.
  • Distribute Collection Policy to membership as required by law on an annual basis.
  • Review and approve all invoices submitted for payment.
  • Prepare all checks for vendors or service providers.
  • Reconcile bank statements monthly.
  • Prepare financial statements on a monthly basis including general ledger, income statement, and balance sheet.
  • Obtain letters of engagement from CPA, distribute to the Board for signature, and return
  • to CPA.
  • Coordinate tax return preparation with Association CPA.
  • Close out fiscal year and update system with new budget annually.
  • Assist Board with preparing annual budget for coming year and distribute to all
  • homeowners as required by law
  • Contract with professional Reserve Study preparer once every 3 years as required by law
  • to ensure the Association has an updated Reserve Study. Review Reserve Study annually to plan for upcoming projects.
  • Execute any CD investments, renewals, or transfers as directed by the Board.
  • Update vendor files annually. Reconcile, generate, and mail annual 1099’s to required
  • vendors.
  • Answer homeowner and vendor inquiries regarding dues and receivables daily. Provide
  • account recaps as needed.
  • Provide current account balance to title companies during sale of homes in community.
  • Maintain and update annually bank signature cards.
  • Assessments
  • Maintaining assessment rolls including coordination of closing information with the title companies
  • Coordination of the preparation and distribution of assessment coupon books to each association member
  • Collection and deposit of assessments into association bank account insured by the FDIC
  • Preparation and processing of past due notices, intent to lien notices and liens in accordance with the policies of the association
  • Contact attorneys for additional collection procedures.


Board Meetings

  • Frequency of attendance per contract
  • Prepare Board packages in advance of meetings
  • Executive session attendance as requested by the Board

Annual Meetings

  • Prepare and distribute all paperwork associated with the annual
  • meeting (agenda, proxy, ballot, minutes, return envelopes)
  • Manage all returned proxies and keep Board informed of whether or
  • not quorum has been achieved
  • Attend meeting and provide administrative support (check people in,
  • hand out ballots, count ballots if vote takes place, etc.)
  • Prepare process, follow up on, and maintain records of all work orders for the Association.

General Management

  • Prepare and maintain copies of all correspondence on behalf of the Association in an electronic format.
  • Respond to all e-mail correspondence in a timely fashion
  • Prepare and/or distribute newsletters per contract.
  • Maintain homeowner information database and keep current on daily basis.
  • Serve as primary contact and liaison for Board with but not limited to:
    • Homeowners
    • Association vendors
    • Legal counsel
    • Insurance brokers/agents
    • All parties involved in home sales (lenders, assessors, title companies, h/o’s, realtors)
    • CPA’s
  • Provide for 24/7 after hours emergency services.
  • Maintain corporate documents.
  • Provide a team of customer Service Professionals to handle all incoming calls from
  • homeowners, vendors, parties to a real estate transaction, vendors, board members etc.,
  • including a dedicated person to your community that is familiar with the community, rules and policies, and practices as established by the Board.

Complaints and Communication

  • Provide means of communication between owners and management.
  • Maintain a log of all complaints, problems, etc. and insure expedient handling of all complaints or problems.
  • Have management personnel available to handle emergencies.
  • Distribute information bulletins periodically or as required.
  • Provide for the creation and maintenance of an Association web site if desired by the Board per the management contract.
  • Assist Board with CCR/Governing document interpretation, compliance with Washington
  • laws, and guidance for the Board drawing from our experience on all other issues
  • associated with managing the Association.
  • Manage and assure all required Association insurance is in force and renewed
  • annually.

Property Services

  • Conduct routine site inspections of the community for the purpose of identifying CCR/rule
  • violations and checking on the performance of Association vendors. Inspections are
  • generally focused on seasonal demands like pool, landscape, drainage, and always include CCR compliance requirements and routine follow up of vendor activity and performance.
  • CCR/Rule enforcement-Provide assistance to Board to enforce all rules and regulations,
  • CCR’s, etc. Kalles Property Management will note violations during on site inspections and sends letters promptly to those in non-compliance.

Rules and Regulations

  • Fully understand and administer the provisions contained in the condominium documents as they relate to the management functions.
  • Enforce the rules, (community rules, swimming pool rules, tennis court rules, clubhouse rules, etc.)
  • Recommend to the Board of Directors additional rules that need to be adopted as well as amendments to current rules that may not be realistic.
  • Work on owner-to-owner relations regarding problems with noise, odors, use of common areas, appearance of individual units, children, pets, etc.
  • Bids and Routine Maintenance
  • Prepare bid specifications for larger jobs and oversee bid process
  • Coordinate entire process of handling small maintenance issues in the community
  • Maintenance calls come to our office. Work orders are issued to the proper vendor
  • depending upon the nature of the work.
  • Coordinate preparation and execution of final contract documentation, including the
  • verification of proper insurance, updated license status, lien releases, etc.
  • Ensure Corporation Filing is filed with Secretary of State.

Maintenance Services Provided to Associations