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Kalles Property Management created an internal maintenance division to better serve our customers. With our staff's working knowledge of your property we can more quickly handle maintenance requests and better oversee the quality of the work. Our maintenance team also employs outside vendors through a preferred vendor program. We demand the highest ethics, craftsmanship and professionalism from all our vendors.

Maintenance Services Provided to Associations

  • Garden and grounds
    • Pruning & Flower Planting
    • Watering Fertilizing
    • Weeding Tool Maintenance
    • Spraying Major Maintenance
    • Lawn Mowing Professional Horticultural Services
    • Trimming
  • Outside Lighting
  • Swimming Pool
    • Chemicals Equipment maintenance and repair
    • Water Chemistry balance
    • Janitorial
  • Buildings
    • Maintain exteriors and interiors of all common areas.
    • Maintain TV antenna.
    • Maintain building systems, such as electrical, water, heating, gas, etc.
    • Negotiate bids for all contract work and purchases of equipment.
    • Set up preventive maintenance schedule for domestic hot water systems.
    • Schedule other periodic maintenance
    • Establish certain homeowner services for minor maintenance and repairs
  • Garbage Removal
  • Other Services
    • Lawns - Maintenance
    • Trees & Bushes - Maintenance, Removal & Planting
    • Flower beds
    • Plumbing - Water, Sewer, and Back-Flow Testing
    • Storm Drains
    • Sprinkler System - Repair
    • Electrical - Lights
    • Siding, Decks & Walls
    • Painting
    • Pool refurbishment (when needed)
    • Pest control
    • Street & Sidewalk - Repair & Maintenance
    • Street Sweeping
    • Equipment Maintenance
    • Ongoing contacts - Legal, Insurance, etc.